Special 📢 Announcement – 11TH HOUR CLEANING from Exit 44 Entertainment

11th Hour Cleaning

I have a very special announcement on the blog! I’m thrilled to introduce you to an exciting new horror movie, 11TH HOUR CLEANING!

What is 11th Hour Cleaning?

11th Hour Cleaning is an upcoming supernatural film with a very unusual premise. The film tells the story of a group of crime scene cleaners that struggle to escape a murder house after becoming trapped by an ancient Nordic demon that is hell bent on driving them insane. I love the sound of this!

I was thrilled when the writer /director Ty Leisher contacted me with the press release for 11th Hour Cleaning. The film features a lot of mythology and part of the demon is inspired by the Badb, from Irish mythology.

Badb, among with Ana and Macha make up the trilogy of The Morris and or Morrigu. Badb an Irish goddess of war. Her cries were heard at the start of battles and for this reason she is identified with the bean-sidhe or Banshee, a signal of impending death. I find this whole subject fascinating, especially after attending a talk on the subject  from Dr. Bernie McCarthy of West Cork College. I can’t wait to see how this plays out in 11th Hour Cleaning!

The Inspiration Behind Eleventh Hour Cleaning

“As a kid, my parents were    foreclosed home cleaners    until one day, we walked into  a house where a murder occurred.”    Writer/Director, Ty Leisher    said, “Since that day I’ve dreamed of telling this horrific story in the most    psychologically twisted way    possible.”


11TH HOUR CLEANING is a debut supernatural    horror    film from Exit 44 Entertainment. 11TH HOUR CLEANING

11TH    HOUR CLEANING is  the directorial feature debut of Ty Leisher, who penned the script  with the help of coproducers    Ed Morrone (White    Collar, The Fugitive Chronicles)  11TH HOUR CLEANING  who costars, and editor    Eric Brodeur (Filly Brown,   Exeter), who will also lend    his hand in the editing bay.  The creative team behind the    camera includes special effects makeup artist Melanie    Young (Scream: The TV    Series,    Sacrament)      cinematographer Vince    Taroc, and production    designer Kim Brunner (The  New Adventures of Peter &    Wendy). Casting will be   announced on November 28,   2017. Filming is set to commence on December 9,  2017, in the director’s    hometown of El Segundo, CA.

11TH    HOUR    CLEANING  marks the second    collaboration for  the Exit    44  Entertainment team.    Their previous short film,    Stranded, is available to    watch here:     https://youtu.be/I3irqcOG3Og

If Stranded is anything to go by, 11TH HOUR CLEANING promises to be impactful, interesting and chilling. I cannot wait to see it!


Closer to the release date in September/ October 2018, I might even have some cast or crew interviews for you all so keep your eyes peeled!


#MovieReview: The Faith Community

The Faith Community

When I was asked to review The Faith Community, I was ecstatic! I love horror movies, so this was a dream come true for me! I’d like to thank Robert from Vicious Apple Productions for the opportunity.

About the Movie

A group of religious students drive into the remote wilderness to spend time with a religious sect and strengthen their bond with God. The three unsuspecting students film everything to document their experience, but soon find themselves in the dark underbelly of a twisted religious cult with questionable motives. This found footage film and horror movie will test even the most devout faith.

My Thoughts on the Movie

Religion in horror freaks the hell out of me and there is something inherently creepy about religious fanatics! So I had high hopes for this after watching the trailer! This found footage film, though lower budget than a lot of the horror films in the market, was better than most of the horror films I’ve watched in the past couple of years. Mainstream horror can be stale at times, so this was a refreshing change.

From the opening scene, tension built steadily. When the three religious students arrive at the bible camp in the woods, the viewer is immediately aware that there is something not right. The interviews with the members of the cult build the unease and drama. The viewer in to the world of the egotistical ‘Messenger.’ The intensity of the movie increases as the real horror unfolds rapidly.

The downside to this movie for me was the camera work, but this is my issue with found footage films in general. The footage seemed raw and unedited, but maybe this was purposeful.

This was a chilling movie and there were some  scarily realistic scenes. The acting was good, except for one or two slightly over the top moments. Olive Palmer playing Michael was excellent.

There is no background music to this movie, which increased the authenticity. And although it doesn’t have a glossy finish or any added bells and whistles, I quite enjoyed it and found some scenes very freaky.  For a first time director with a low budget, Faith Johnson did a good job, and I look forward to the next film she’s involved in. This was original and different to the norm, so it’s a thumbs up from me.

To find out more about the Faith Community movie, click here.

To watch now on  Amazon or PPOV Horror, click here.