#Filmreview – Lunch Ladies Movie @LunchLadiesFilm

Lunch Ladies I’m so excited  to bring you a review for the awesome short movie Lunch Ladies!

This film is dark, camp, bloody and hilarious. Lunch Ladies is a short film that is currently doing the festival circuit. As soon as I read the film blurb, I knew I would love it.

Lunch Ladies is a short film with a distinct 80s John Waters vibe. It’s about two high school lunch ladies who are utterly  obsessed with Johnny Depp. Their ultimate dream is to become his personal chefs and they will go to bloody lengths to achieve their dream! What a premise, eh?
This is gory and funny and the  special effects are disgustingly good! In a strange way,  this movie is about never giving up on your dreams.
The two main actresses scream desperation and a need to escape from their humdrum,  dinner lady lives! I loved their twisted obsession with Johnny Depp and the t-shirts, posters and memorabilia! But what I loved most is their bloody determination.
Lunch Ladies Movie

The actresses playing Seretta Burr and LouAnne Burr were excellent and I’d  love to see more of them!

Directed by J.M. Logan and written by Clarissa Jacobson, Lunch Ladies won South African Horrorfest – Best Comedy Short, as well as Best Horror Comedy Short for BOTH Atlanta Horror and Nightmares Festival. The film also won Best Editing for Mumbai International Shorts and I can see why! If you can catch a screening near you, go for it! 😉
Lunch Ladies Movie

I like my humour black and this is pitch-black! Lunch Ladies is fecking brilliant! My only negative? I want it to be longer and I want it to come to Ireland!

To find out more about Lunch Ladies, click here.