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A. Giacomi

I was very lucky to do a question and answer session with Alessia Giacomi, the author of the Eve Brenner zombie series. To read my review of book one in the series  click here.

I hope you all enjoy the answers as much as Alessia and I did!

I’m so excited to have you as a guest on the blog! Thanks a million for agreeing to this!

 I loved Eve Brenner: Zombie Girl, the first book in in the Eve Brenner Zombie series. I’ve never read a zombie book like it! A zombie book with bite and heart! To read my review of book one in the series  click here.


1. If you could pick 5 people for a dinner party (dead or alive), who would they be and why?

I feel like my answer to this changes all the time. It’s such a fun question and I would like to geek out with so many people! I think currently I would love to sit down with Tim Burton, Kevin Smith on the film side of things. I love how their minds work, they’re quirky, like me. In the literary world I would love to sit down with Anne Rice and Jane Austen, I feel like I could pick their brains for ages and learn a lot. And as for my final guest I would choose Elvira, she’s simply so fabulous and I’ve grown up watching her, she’s a big reason why I dig all things creepy cute.

2. Books or movies?

BOTH! I’m not sure I could choose. I simply love storytelling in any format. As long as imagination is involved I’m in!

3. You can be any mythical creature to be for a day, what would you be?

Hahaha, fun question. I think I would have to say a mermaid. Might be fun to have a different perspective for a day and underwater is about as different as it gets. It’s a whole other world I could be a part of. I’m just hoping singing is not required, not so great at that…might have some deaf fish by the end of my adventure.

4. You seem like a girl who likes to dress up, what was your favourite costume? Can we see photos?

Oh yes! I love costumes and I’m very much in love with Halloween. I typically dress up as something scary. I’ve been a zombie multiple times, a vampire, a witch, corpse bride, dead doll, ghost, and on the cutesy side I’ve been Snow White and summer pixie. I still think my favourite is zombie though, I think I could dress up as one every year and not be disappointed. I’ve included a photo for ya.

Alessia  Giaocomi zombie
Zombie Alessia

5. What’s your favourite beverage?

Depends if we are talking adult beverage or other, ha ha ha. I do love my coffee, I can’t go without it, it’s necessity! I also love a glass of red wine from time to time, I’m Italian so it’s a dinnertime staple. And then there is my weird obsession with Dr. Pepper, I don’t know many people that like it so I’m always so excited when I hear someone loves it! I might need to start a Dr. Pepper fan club just so I can know others who like to drink it ha ha.

6. Clearly you love zombies, what is your favourite zombie movie?

This is always a tough one. I love all zombie films, but if I had to choose one it would be Night of the Living Dead. It’s a classic and I’m a sucker for classics that stand the test of time.

7. Do you have an idol? If so, who is it and why?

Probably Tim Burton, he’s a creator of worlds like no other. I think he might even be part human, part magic, but I suppose I would have to meet him to find out. He has such vision and he’s not afraid to be different, and I love that! On a side note, I would most likely throw up if I met him, just far too big a fan hahaha.

9. You meet someone who has never read a book, what book would you recommend to them and why?

I would start with YIKES! WHAT? NEVER? And then I would tell them that they absolutely had to read The Divine Comedy by Dante. I recommend it
to everyone, it’s referenced in so many other texts, films and television show, so I see it as sort of a stepping stone to pop culture. I also find it very profound and poetic. Kinda my thang.

Alessia Giacomi Zombie selfie
Zombie Selfie

About your writing and your books

1. Where did your inspiration for the Zombie Girl saga came from?

It all came to me in a dream back in high school. I remember grabbing for my journal on my nightstand and jotting down ideas about an undead superhero named Eve. It grew from there.

2. The character development in your books is excellent – do you spend a lot of time observing people for your books or eavesdropping?

Firstly, thank you! And secondly I am a total eavesdropper/observer. I find people so fascinating and yes sometimes I add things I’ve heard a total stranger say into my work! So it benefits me to listen in ha ha! My favourite place in the world to watch people is at the airport. I love to watch people interact and talk about their travels. I especially love to see if I can guess what their story is and perhaps where they’re from. I’ve become pretty good at people reading that way.

3. Are you a plotter or a pantser?

A little bit of both, but perhaps more so a pantser. Like I said earlier, sometimes the unplanned writing is the best writing. The words that just come naturally to you are always the ones that are closest to the truth and although I’m creating fiction, it should still breathe life.

4. What does a typical writing day in your life look like?

I usually start with some tunes to get me revved up to write. A little Metric is usually my go to band, but I mix it up depending on the scene I’m writing or the mood I’m in. Once I start writing though, it’s time to turn all the tunes off and get sucked into the writing. I let the writing just flow, some of it is planned in an outline but then sometimes the writing takes on a life of its own and I just go with it. Oddly enough it’s the stuff I didn’t plan on writing that I end up loving the most.

5. I’ve always felt sorry for Frankenstein’s monster and at many points in Eve Brenner: Zombie Girl I empathised with Eve. Is there any fictional character you identify with and why?

I’m right with you there. I have always been a fan of classic movie monsters, I know we’re supposed to fear them, but there is something unfortunate about them that I can’t help feel empathy for. Like Eve, these ‘monsters’ didn’t choose their path, but they are forced to live it anyway. It’s funny you mention Frankenstein because it’s who I thought of immediately. The story just celebrated its 200th anniversary and I think many generations will continue to feel torn between fearing him and wanting to hug him, because being different shouldn’t be a curse.

6. I think Eve Brenner: Zombie Girl would work really well as a TV series or film, is there anyone you could imagine playing the parts of Eve, Cam and Alex?

YES! I always cast my characters before I write, so I’ve had them in my mind for ages. I would cast Sophia Bush as Eve, firstly because all her characters seem strong and confident, and secondly because her voice, it’s raspy perfection for an action heroine. I would pick Brandon Routh to play Cam, he played Superman and speaks to my inner geek, but also because he’s this big buff guy who also seems so innocent. Cam is that enigma he looks like a bodyguard , but is too afraid to hurt a fly. As for Alex I would pick Jennifer Lawrence, Alex is this sort of unpredictable chameleon in the story and if we know Jenn, and the world does, she can play a versatile character like nobody’s business.

sophia-bush jenn-lawrencebrandon-routh

7. What’s next for you after the Zombie Girl series?

I’ve been working on multiple things, but have been so busy polishing up this series and marketing it that it hasn’t given me much time to fully finish anything else. I’m looking forward to starting new things, even though I’ll miss these characters. I currently have two short stories out in charity anthologies (And The World Will Burn, Man Behind the Mask) So be sure to check those out. I’m also working on a paranormal romance, but I don’t write typical romance, so it will be more on the scary side. It’s nearly done and was really fun to write. After that I want to dive into a new YA Series I’ve been dying to start, it deals with a certain classic monster and blends with ancient history and mythology, a jumble of all my favourite things!

Thanks so much for the interview! This was a blast!

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Alessia, I’m so glad you enjoyed the questions! Your answers were amazing and I love the zombie pictures! Thanks so much for doing it and being an absolute rock star 🙂

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