Book Review: The Dead House and The Creeper Man

Today’s post is a book review of two amazingly horrific books by Dawn Kurtagich.

Dawn Kurtagich
Dawn Kurtagich

I came across Dawn’s books on a horror #YATAKEOVER chat hosted by Emma of  Howling Reviews on Twitter (along with books by Alex Bell and Danny Weston – which I’m dying to read!). I left the chat and went straight to Amazon to purchase books by all three fabulous YA horror authors!

Book Review: The Creeper Man/ The Trees Crept In

Creeper man

There’s a man in the trees, a man with no eyes, but still he watches, that’s the surprise. Stay away from the woods, it couldn’t be clearer, but the trees are creeping nearer and nearer… 

Beware the creeper man.

The second I saw the cover art for The Creeper Man, I knew it had to be mine! I was intrigued! They say don’t judge a book by it’s cover, but in this case do. The book itself is as beautiful, creepy and strange as the cover. I went into this book blind and that heightened my enjoyment of the scary tale of Silla and her sister Nori, who have escaped to their aunt Cath’s blood red manor. There is a sense of unease and claustrophobia that grows throughout the book. Sitting down on a stormy day I read this in one sitting and it was absolute heaven. This is a scary, strange and heartbreaking read with vivid, original characters. The author uses clever text formatting to increase our awareness of Silla’s feelings throughout the book.

As an avid horror film and book fan I sometimes feel desensitized to it but this book chilled me and gave me that feeling of unfolding and unease that thrilled me to my core. I think this book is suitable for teens upwards who want a good scare.

You can watch the book trailer here.

Book Review: The Dead HouseDead House




Elmbridge High School burned down. Three students were killed in the blaze, twenty were injured and one, Carly Johnson, disappeared.

For two decades, little was uncovered about what became known as the ‘Johnson Incident’.

The Dead House is a mystery and psychological horror. The author pieces together the  Johnson incident for the reader like a found footage film through diary extracts from Kaitlyn and Carly, videos, police interviews and counselling sessions.

The horrific mystery that unfolds grabs the reader by the heart and the throat. It’s gory, terrifying and mysterious.  The author again uses text formatting to convey different emotions in Kaitlyn. The scenes in the Dead House are skin-crawling, unsettling and creepy, a foray into the darkness of Kaitlyn’s mind.  The story will leave the reader wanting more and missing the feisty Kaitlyn and the quieter Carly.

You can watch the seriously freaky book trailer here!

I adored both of these beautiful, dark and twisted books and I eagerly await the next book (which I hope is soon)!

Dawn is a writer of creepy, spooky, and psychologically sinister YA, where girls may descend into madness, boys may see monsters in men, and grown-ups may have something to hide. For more information on Dawn click here or check out her Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or Youtube.

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