Book Review: Eve Brenner, Zombie Girl

Eve Brenner: Zombie Girl series posterI’d like to thank Alessia for contacting me to do a review of this book. I was unbelievably excited when I read the synopsis as I love zombies of all kinds. I was delighted to find a new zombie series to get my teeth into!

Eve Brenner: Zombie Girl is the first in a 4 book series. Book 1 and 2 of the YA series were re-released on September 13th through CHBB Publishing with the 3rd book out this month (just in time for Halloween) in October and the final book out in January.

About the story (Eve  Brenner: Zombie Girl)

The story is about a small town girl named Eve who dreams of big adventure in Egypt. Along with two of her best friends, Cam and Alex, they venture off to Egypt on one of their favourite Professor’s yearly digs. During their adventure Eve finds much more than artifacts, she is attacked by something mysterious in one of the sealed tombs. Eve begins to notice many changes, some incredibly awesome, some not so much. Once home Eve decides to keep her new condition a secret from her friends and family, but with her strange hunger building and odd black outs, it becomes nearly impossible to continue her regularly scheduled life.
This YA series is told from multiple perspectives, all sympathetic towards our zombie girl. It’s different form other zombie stories in the sense that the zombie isn’t just mindless and hungry. Eve’s focus is to maintain as much as her humanity as possible. The series holds lots of action, a problematic love triangle, and probably more heart than you would expect from a zombie tale.
Eve Brenner: Zombie Girl

This zombie book was funny, heartwarming and extremely entertaining with just the right amount of gore.

When Eve starts displaying strange symptoms after a bite from a monstrous creature during an archaeological dig in Egypt,  the action quickly mounts. Egypt, tombs and Egyptian artifacts have always interested me and I loved the scenes set there. I hope Eve returns there later on the series!!

Eve is a flawed character, just like the rest of us, and that’s why I liked her do much! She’s straightforward, impatient and her friends mean everything to her. She puts some people’s noses out of joint but cares so much about the people she loves. In Zombie form this is heightened and I’ll let you decide if you like her or not.

I liked seeing the story from all three of the main characters – Eve, Cam and Alex. Eve’s friends Alex and Cam support Eve all the way. I hope my friends treat me the same if I ever become infected! Friendship, family and blossoming romance are surprisingly at the heart of this book. Eve’s little circle of friends reminded me in the best way of the Scooby gang.

My favourite parts of the book were the action scenes. I could see them as vividly as if I was watching an action movie. I don’t know if I can pick a downside but the only thing I can say is it ended on a real cliffhanger, making the reader want to jump straight into the next book. I’m not totally sure it could stand alone outside of the series but that’s just fine with me as I adored book 1 and am dying to read the next books in the series!

I’d recommend this to teens upwards who like gory, thrilling and adrenaline filled reads with a dash of romance.

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A. Giacomi
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