Living Like A Vampire: A Paranormal Romance (Suckers Book 1) #BookReview

I’d like to thank Jacky for giving me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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In the depth of a black night, when all horrors seem possible.

About the Book

It is October 2004 and the world is plagued by a virus outbreak that turns people into super-strong, photo-phobic blood-suckers. Kate is a young science teacher living in a country town in Maine (US) and she doesn’t have any plans to become a ‘sucker.’ 

When it looks like suckers are nearing her hometown, Kate and her friends flee to a campground to hide from the pandemic. They thought they were safe there.

Then things go wrong. Very wrong.

Kate is thrown into emotional turmoil, action, and suspense. To top it all off she falls in love with one of the suckers.

Will love win her over to the dark side?

My Thoughts on Suckers

During Black October, an infection swarms through the human population, turning people into Suckers.

I really liked the premise of this book and the new term Suckers or succedaneums. I could imagine how easily an epidemic like this could spread in today’s world.

The story focuses around three friends – Sue, Charlie and the main character Kate. I loved the dynamic of their friendship.

There was action and drama galore in this book, but I’m a bit of a gore whore and I would have liked to see more bloody scenes.

A negative for this book was that the main character, Kate, fell in love too easily, too fast. Maybe it’s the realist in me, but I’m not a lover of romance novels or films in general, so I’m probably alone in thinking this.

The story made lots of twists and turns later in the book, which I really enjoyed. I especially liked the changes to Kate and the transformation of her relationship with her friends.

The book ended on a hopeful note, but I have a feeling that more trouble lies ahead for Kate and Charlie as Suckers: Book 2 Raising a Vampire is out now!

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