Two New Horror Gems on Netflix UK

There are two new horror gems on Netflix UK this month – Viral and The Neon Demon.


Viral is a story of two teenage sisters struggling to survive a deadly virus outbreak. This genre is a bit overdone, but this is a fresh take on it. The acting is realistic and not overly dramatic, while the gore is bloody and  beautifully disgusting! My favourite element of this was the dynamic between the two sisters – the horror genre’s Anna and Elsa. I loved this.

The Neon Demon

I’d been waiting for this movie to make it to Neflix for ages! So I was delighted when one of my Best of Netflix Horror buddies informed me​ that it was one of the new additions this month!

This is absolutely stunning movie. Florescent, throbbing colours and lots of slow disturbing scenes. This shows horror of a different kind -the horror of the human species and vanity. Fresh-faced 16 year old Jesse arrives in LA to try to make it as a model. What follows is a disastrous kaleidoscope ​of events. This is weird and beautiful and utterly disturbing. I loved it and it’s nothing like any other film I’ve seen.


Netflix, you did not disappoint with these two beauties!

What did you think of these movies? Are you looking forward to anything on Netflix this month?


Guest Post: Short Horror Stories by Dark Shadow

Today’s post is something new for the blog. It’s a guest post by Dark Shadow (who wishes to remain anonymous).

I came across these short horror stories in a wonderful little Facebook group Best of Netflix Horror that I’ve been part of for over a year now. In the group like minded horror fans from all over the world share their likes and recommendations of Netflix horror movies.

Dark Shadow’s stories are short and pack a big punch. I  hope you enjoy them as much as I did! Without further ado, I’d like to share some stories with you all.

Forsaken: A short horror story

On a cold September morning, Michael had left his home heading towards Dreamscape (The Ideal Place), on his way there he had heard voices in the back of his mind telling him to stay away, “For all who shall come, Shall perish.” Michael had ignored this very strange warning, Michael pulls up outside Dreamscape. “Good morning Sir, this is where dreams come true and where you can forget” the clerk had said. Michael chuckles as he walks into the entrance.

Now inside the Dreamscape Micheal started to understand the warning signs, everyone inside was as still as a pane of glass, Micheal ran back towards the gate, realizing that there wasn’t one.. “Where am I?” Michael cried. A little man dressed in a robe came over to him and told him “So you are whom we seek” Michael replies with “Who the hell are you? Why am I here?” The old man says “Oh child you have been here forever inside the Scape, Now I have to release you.”

“Release me? I’ve only just arrived!” Michael looks down at his hands, he can see them as wrinkled and old.. “I was a young man, when I entered here…Why… Why am I like this”
“No child, You have grown into this” The old robed man quietly said to him
“I have grown into this? What are you talking about you old fool” Michael stated.
“Me a fool, child ,you don’t remember do you?” The old man says
“Of course I don’t remember why am I here” Michael shouts at the old man.
“Let me show you.” The old man takes Michael’s hand and leads him towards the mirrors of fate.

Michael begins to panic at the sight of what’s in this mirror, The mirror shows him his past life and why he is in the Dreamscape.
The vision shows Michael in a taxi, he is the driver, a drunk driver, “No.. NO.. THIS ISN’T ME” Micheal cries.
The vision begins to show him crashing into a local park, killing two children and a mother.
“Is this some sick game?” Michael states..
“This isn’t me? I can’t of done this”
The old man points over to the door of everlasting hope, “Child look”
There stood the mother and her two children, covered in blood and scratches with glass inside the wounds.
Michael fell to his knees in shock, “I’m so sorry I can’t believe this was me… It wasn’t me.. ”
“Child it’s okay, They forgive you.They will be forever in this Dreamscape just like you.”

Michael’s father was in the waiting room of the hospital as the doctors took more tests.
“So doc what’s the prognosis?” Michael’s father stated.
“I’m sorry Mr Dreamscape, he’s in a coma” The doctor said in a soothing tone.

Karnival: A short horror story

It was a summers eve at the Karnival, The cold winds would make most guests shiver, but not Amerilo. Amerilo, the happy clown as he was called by children and adults who visited him during the summer. Little did they know he was holding a deep and unholy secret, When he was a child he had massacred a preschool with a fire axe, leaving body parts placed on each table, even the window seals. He had taken medication for years to suppress his anger and need for killing. No he wasn’t a psychopath, he was a performer.

Later that evening, two of the younger boys who were aged 18-20 were mocking him because of his make up saying “A child could have done better” “You look like a drunk skank.” Happy clown was losing his temper, he reached in his pocket for the tablets only to find he had none left.
“Oh no” Happy Clown whispered.
The two boys started to throw cans at him, then other forms of rubbish.
Happy Clown started to lose his temper forming a rage so indescribable. He grabbed the bin from which the boys where picking rubbish out of. He smashed the bin at the boy’s body, separating him in half as he hit him so hard with the downward force. He grabbed the other boy and pulled his head off, his body left convulsing on the ground like a chicken without a head. “Happy Happy Happy” the clown smiled as he wiped the blood off his face, smearing the make up whilst doing so.

The Fallen: A Short Horror Story

Darkness and hatred they called him; Christopher was a normal child with a power no one could understand.. Doctors and physicians have tried to explain his abilities but they said “No human can possess such a rare gift.” Thousands of tests, of blood taking and physical examinations had left Christopher hating life and all expectations of it.
14 Years Later…
Christopher had been left alone for years now as the doctors could not give him a definition for his power. He has had nightmares of the things they had done to him, “They will suffer” Christopher said in a aggravated tone.
Christopher went to his garage to get in his car, when he noticed his power starting to reappear “No, not again” Chris cried.
Wings burst out from his back, The wings were blacker than freshly polished boots, a glistening red like a crimson sky.
Christopher took flight, landed on top of skyline (The hospital for children with special abilities). “I will take vengeance, For I am Gabriel!”
With an almighty swoop Christopher smashed through the window of the doctors office, “Hello again Doc”
The doctor began to scramble across the floor “Please Gabriel stop.. You don’t need to do this….” Christopher picked up the doctor, “I don’t need to do what? YOU DID THIS TO ME!” The doctor cried “We tried to contain this, your disease, you’re not human… Gabriel..”. Christopher began to shake the doctor, “What do you mean I’m not human??” Christopher cried. The doctor being shaken around like a rag doll says “You are my… son.” Christopher throws the doctor out of the window as he says that, Chris flies out the window and catches him… “Well dad now we are to see how it feels, when you’re dead on the inside.” Chris let’s go of the doctor.
The doctor falls from 16 stories, his remains were just parts of his skull and ligaments which where somewhat intact… Christopher noticed feathers and an outline of this doctors body seeing that he had wings just like him…
“What If I was wrong? What if there was more than just me? What have I done?” Christopher looks around the roads no sign of any life just him and his dead ‘Father’ “I will find out the truth… I will find out what I am…”

I hope you’ve enjoyed Dark Shadow’s short horror stories!

Noelle, AKA The Corpse Bride