Creative side, come on out!!

Everyone goes through patches when our creative sides are hiding away, when our creative juices are just not flowing. At least,  I hope it’s the same for everyone and not just me! January seems to be one of those times!

This January I’m doing three things to kick-start my creativity again, after being quite lazy in December!!

Editing my own book/ WIP

creative said

This activity is all at once, weirdly satisfying and frustrating! I gave myself a break of about six months between the first draft and the editing process. I sometimes can’t believe that all the words came from me! This is definitely sparking my creativity.

That being said, I’m finding editing a slow and time consuming process. I’m hoping with practice, editing my own work will get easier! I’ll keep you posted on that one!

Creating my very own character for Angela B. Chrysler’s Upcoming Book – Zombies from Space… And Vampires!!

I won a fantastic prize of some of Angela’s books, but also a once in a lifetime chance to be be a character in Angela’s upcoming book! To find out more about Angela and her books click here. creative side perked up as soon as I heard I won this prize and I’m letting my imagination run wild with it! I get to be a vampire! Anyone who knows me will know this is something I’ve always dreamed of! Thanks to Maxine Groves (Booklover Catlady) for organising the competition and Angela for her wonderful prize!

A short story challenge with my Nano cabin mates

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Last weekend, I took part in a 4 day short story challenge. This is the second challenge that I’ve done with my cabin mates from Camp NaNoWriMo last July. For anyone who doesn’t know, NaNoWriMo is an online novel writing project, the premise is to write a novel in a month.

I was very lucky to find a great bunch of people to share an online cabin with last July. We were all on European time, which was great for supporting each other. I honestly don’t think I would have reached my goal of 50 thousand words if it wasn’t for them (along with my husband, family and friends, online and offline)! The wonderful cabin creator suggested our first short story challenge for last September, the aim was to plan and create a full short story or piece of writing in four days. The rest of the group and I enjoyed the challenge so much that another one was organised for last week and we even have the next date arranged !

The challenge was a lovely break from editing and I completed a romantic short story (not something I’d usually write), despite not having a lot of time to give to it! It’s great to chat to the other writers and the group is really diverse and interesting, everyone’s ideas are totally different and it inspires me!

Do you find your creativity lagging at times? What do you do to kick-start your creativity?

Make me a Werewolf – Preying on the Weak

This post is a follow-up to “The Rise of the Haunted Dolls” (Click here to see post). After researching the haunted items that can be bought online, I came across a whole plethora of weird and wacky items! One of the most bizarre things was a a 3 day spell casting offered by a master of metaphysical arts called “Sheila” (perhaps she’s an Irish chancer with a name like that!? The casting promises to give the buyer all the qualities of a vampire or werewolf.

Spell casting to become a werewolf or vampire
Spell casting to become a werewolf or vampire

The user is promised supernatural strength, superior healing powers and virtual immortality! I was glad to see that this “casting” cannot be purchased by under 18’s, but surely there are lots of people over 18 who would be vulnerable and a purchase like this seems like a cry for help? The power of the online world sometimes scares me and with the amount of these type of products on sale is scarier than any horror movie!

While on my online search I wasn’t shocked to find a 4 leaved clover good luck candle, giving the buyer the luck of the Irish.

Good luck candle
Good luck candle

While this doesn’t sound as threatening as the spell casting to “become a werewolf or vampire”, these products are all being marketed by the same type of sellers, each promising something that the buyer wants to believe in; be it good luck or the ability to heal quickly or the power to live forever.

Good luck products come in many forms but the most prevalent type are the “Djinn” products. These come in many shapes and forms but mainly pendants, rings and other jewellery. As in the tale of Aladdin the “Djinn” promises the user good luck and the ability to make wishes come true.

Djinn pendant
Djinn pendant


Maybe there is nothing wrong with believing in the good luck or powers that these items offer? But, as we all know the key to achieving one’s dreams is hard work and determination and no mystical item is the key to that! I’d advise everyone to steer clear of these items and hurt the sellers where it hurts most – in their pockets!


Until next time,

The Corpse Bride (Noelle )